Mr Dev Mahadevan is a fellowship trained Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in Foot and Ankle surgery and musculoskeletal injuries. He runs a bespoke and comprehensive foot and ankle practice in Reading dealing with conditions arising from injury, deformity or degenerative processes.



Circle Reading Hospital

Berkshire Independent Hospital

Private clinics are held at Circle Reading and Berkshire Independent Hospitals in Reading, Berkshire. Mr Mahadevan welcomes privately insured and self-paying clients.

Mr Mahadevan is extremely professional and committed to getting the best results/outcomes for his patients. He explained every step of the process clearly, was always available to help with any concerns you might have. Therefore, I was fully prepared for what happened at each stage. His sense of humour helped especially at moments of concern. Great surgeon whom I would highly recommend.


  • Mr Mahadevan’s research on the influence of Achilles tendon rupture gap on patient outcomes has been accepted for publication in the Bone and Joint Journal. August 2020

  • Medium term results of steroid injections for Morton’s neuroma (co-authored paper by Mr Mahadevan) has been accepted for publication in the Foot and Ankle International Journal. September 2020


  • Book chapter on Calcaneal Fractures by Mr Mahadevan is currently with publishers and is scheduled to be released in March 2021. October 2020​​

Mr Dev Mahadevan
Consultant Foot and Ankle Surgeon

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