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Arthroscopy of MTPJ using Nanoscope, Arthrex
Nanoscope 'keyhole' surgery

Arthroscopic 'keyhole' procedures of smaller joints are now possible with the development of smaller cameras and instruments. Dev Mahadevan performed an arthroscopic microfracture of the big toe joint aided by the Arthrex Nanoscope. April 2021

BOFAS Scientific Committee - Mr Dev Mahadevan
Elected to BOFAS Scientific Committee 

Dev Mahadevan was honoured to be elected to the BOFAS Scientific Committee. Mar 2021 (Click here for information about the committee)

Achilles tendinopathy systematic review by Mr Dev Mahadevan
Article In Press

Mr Mahadevan's article "Current Concepts Review: Management of Achilles Tendinopathy Overview" is in press with Journal of Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery. Mar 2021 (click here for link)

BOFAS registry. Dev Mahadevan, Foot and Ankle Surgeon. Reading, Berkshire
Silver Award 

Dev Mahadevan was honoured to receive the British Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society Silver Award for his contribution to the BOFAS national registry; emphasising the importance he places on monitoring patient reported outcomes. Jan 2021 (Click here for newsletter)

Interview with Dev Mahadevan
#AnkleSurgeryUpdate Podcast

Mr Mahadevan discussed his research on Achilles Tendon ruptures on the Ankle Surgery Update platform with colleagues in Munich. Dec 2020 (Listen here)

Dev Mahadevan Webinar, Foot and Ankle Surgeon. Reading, Berkshire
BIOS Webinar Series

Mr Mahadevan was invited to present on Calcaneal Fractures in a Webinar on Foot and Ankle Trauma. Nov 2020. (Click here for link to webinar)

Research Publication

The Bone & Joint Journal has published Mr Mahadevan's paper on the influence of Achilles tendon rupture gap on patient outcomes. Nov 2020. (Click here for more info)

Dev Mahadevan's book chapter
Book chapter

Mr Mahadevan's chapter on Calcaneal fractures in Essentials of Foot and Ankle Surgery is currently with publishers and is scheduled to be released in May 2021

Paper submission accepted

Paper on Medium terms results of steroid injections for Morton's neuroma co-authored by Mr Mahadevan has been accepted for publication in the Foot and Ankle International Journal