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Useful information prior to your visit

  • ​Please bring any referral letter from your GP or physiotherapist if you have not already submitted it to us. 


  • If you have had any previous imaging (X-rays, MRI / CT scans) of the foot / ankle within the last 2 years, bring them along with any reports you may have. If you do not have copies of your imaging, please send us the details of where and when these investigations were done so that we can attempt to retrieve them prior to your appointment.

  • If you have had any previous procedures on your foot / ankle, it would be helpful if these details could also be brought along to your appointment.

  • If you are using private medical insurance cover, please kindly contact your insurer to advise them of the appointment and send us your authorisation number. (Note: Confirm with your insurer if you have any excess on your policy to ensure that you are not left with any outstanding amounts to pay)​


  • If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, telephone us during business hours and allow at least one days’ notice so that we can offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.

  • We recognise that your time is valuable, and we make every effort to run on time. Occasionally emergencies or patients require a little more time, and these cause delays beyond our control. We apologise if we keep you waiting.

  • Please contact us if you have any further queries.

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