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Friends & Family
View comments left by patients on the BOFAS registry following treatment 
How likely are you to recommend to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?
  • “Friendly, relaxed and professional. Thorough explanation of procedure and post-sugery recovery ”

  • “very good service and advice.”

  • “I was reassured by Mr Mahadevan and found him very amenable.”

  • “Devendra Mahadevan is a fantastic surgeon and has been an absolute pleasure throughout all of my consultations - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or his services to anyone who required similar surgery.”

  • “ABSOLUTELY YES very caring and helpful I saw 2 surgeons before Dev and time was wasted and we just went round and round in circles”

  • “Always replying about any concerns. Very helpful and reassuring. Debbie the medical secretary is an angel and has the patience of a saint ”

  • “Yes, Dr Mahadevan was extremely good, kind and did an excellent job on my right foot and a very good job on my left foot (it just hasn't healed as well as the right foot)”

  • “Surgeon was friendly, comprehensively explained what he would be doing, answered questions and inspired confidence.”

  • “My consultant took the time to speak to me about the issues in my right foot and asked me what I wanted from the operation. I had every confidence in him from our very first meeting”

  • “Professional Reassuring ”

  • “He's amazing, professional, positive and great motivator post surgery. Definitely recommend him as I feel extremely lucky to have been operated by him.”

  • “Very professional and easy to communicate with regarding diagnosis ”

  • “Excellent service and very confident that my care was given the utmost consideration by the surgeon.”

  • “Although it is early days yet and I am not yet fully recovered , I can not praise this surgeon enough.”

  • “Excellent surgeon. Very professional. Takes time to explain things clearly to you. Approachable. Caring. ”

  • “Highly capable understanding with a good sense of humour .Feel very fortunate to be under his care.”

  • “All been fairly simple at the moment, no hickups yet and the area isn't too painful.”

  • “Would gave liked a catch up to see if the progress is going to plan ”

  • “Although I am still in pain, it is much less than it was prior to the surgery ”

  • “The consultant's care and attention has been exemplory ”

  • “Have already recommended him and he has operated on a friend. Clinically and empathetically excellent.”

  • “Im still recuperating  ”

  • “Has to be the best most professional Dr I have ever met. I have complete confidence in this gentleman”

  • “Thorough and friendly”

  • “Very professional, easy to ask questions”

  • “He was friendly and informative”

  • “excellent care throughout”

  • “Only part way through recovery but impressed with level of information, calmness and professionalism so far. Not often that nurses comment on how good a surgeon is and how well their patients tend to recover”

  • “It's a bit early to answer this question, because i don't yet know if surgery was succesful”

  • “Mr Mahadevan was great throughout the process and I believe I will be very happy with the final results.”

  • “Was very knowledgeable and professional”

  • “If I had known what the post operative recovery was like I might not have had the surgery”

  • “Superb operation performed”

  • “I was disappointed that my consultant only did a over the phone 2nd consultation following my surgery but this was understandable duE to COVID but still disappointed- he has also promised me a follow up appointment but I still have not heard and as doctors are now seeing patients I hope for a call. ”

  • “Very nice Surgeon and staff”

  • “Everyone told me this op was very painful, but I had no pain. I followed advice and rested completely for the crucial first month and I seem to have reaped the benefit of that by being able to return to my usual activities by building them up gradually, doing a little more evey day. I resumed tennis after 2 months and skiing after 4 months with no adverse effects.”

  • “I have felt that my care was in safe, competent hands. My surgeon has given me clear explanations of what is going to happen and has answered any questions that I have. It's early days in terms of outcomes still, but my surgical wound has healed extremely well and I am pain free. ”

  • “Highly skilled AND patient-friendly”

  • “Friendly and very knowledgable ”

  • “Mr Mahadevan was extremely knowledgeable, reassuring and supportive prior and post surgery.”

  • “Very helpful, answers any questions you have and explains things clearly”

  • “Excellent service and very confident that my care was given the utmost consideration by the surgeon.”

  • “Mr Mahadevan is an excellent consultant clearly very experienced and knowledgable. Throughout my ongoing treatment I have always felt reassured and always have absolute confidence in the stages of treatment, and have appreciated the personable and empathetic approach. I would recommend anyone requiring any procedures that they can have absolute confidence in the advice and recommended procedures. ”

  • “Very professional...he obviously is very good at his work. Very amenable and reassuring ”

  • “Mr Mahadevan has been amazing from my initial first consultation through to the operation & post op follow up appointments. Explained every process & answered all my questions with great knowledge. Would recommend him to anyone wanting a foot operation.”

  • “I feel my condition is worse than before I had the surgery and had expected to be back to normal by now. I wish I hadn't had it done now and won't have the other foot done.”

  • “He has been wonderful ”

  • “He was the 3rd consultant seen and the one who listened and answered be honestly and truthfully. I now have a perfectly aligned foot and am able to do considerably more than I was before. I saw him the year before I had the operation and he allowed me to make a decision based on the information given to me and when I was ready we proceeded with the surgery. I felt like I could trust him to do the right thing by me.”

  • “I have been very happy with Dr Dev Mahadevan and his Secretary Deborah, I have received a very personal service.”

  • “Great at explaining what the procedure is going to achieve and how to manage my ankle to get the best outcome. Happy to do only the bare minimum - what's necessary. Just a kind and understanding guy.”

  • “Very happy with the outcome but would have liked more information regarding what to expect and advice to make rehabilitation better.”

  • “My surgeon, during consultation, was very definite about what he considered the correct procedure should be which made me fell confident in his diagnosis.”

  • “Dev Mahadevan was referred to me by a friend and I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

  • “I was very pleased with the treatment I received from Mr Dev Mahadevan and all the staff.”

  • “Has been outstanding from my initial consultations, on the day of my operation, a few hours after my operation & my follow up appointment when the sutures were taken out.”

  • “Procedure out performed my expectations”

  • “My experience with Dev that he was knowledgeable, trusting and supportive. He wanted the best outcome for me and surgery was a later resort after trying less invasive methods first.”

  • “Excellent Doctor ”

  • “Excellent care and advice from my initial appointment.”

  • “He is very calm and patient and happy to explain all the options and procedures. Put my mind at rest in a friendly way.  ”

  • “I am extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery ”

  • “An amazing surgeon, someone clearlydedicated to there work. A very knowledgable and caring gentleman.”

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