Your results matter

BOFAS Registry

BOFAS registry used by Dev Mahadevan, Reading, Berkshire
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) assess the quality of care delivered from your perspective.

  • PROMs calculate the health gains after surgical treatment using pre- and post-operative surveys.

  • Mr Mahadevan uses the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society (BOFAS) Registry to monitor your PROMs

  • The BOFAS registry is a web-based database for the collection of information about foot and ankle surgery in the UK.

  • With your consent, you would be added to this database. 

  • Before the operation you will fill in a simple preoperative questionnaire. At six months and a year post surgery, the same questionnaire will be e-mailed to you to complete.

  • At any point you can request to withdraw from the registry, which will in no way hinder your doctor patient relationship.

  • We would very much appreciate your participation in this registry as this will help monitor your outcomes and maintain surgical standards.