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Consultation Fees & Using Medical Insurance


First consultation                                                   

£ 325

Follow-up consultation                                            

£ 285

Follow-up consultation (telephone appointment)      

£ 245

  • The outpatient appointment fees are for consultation only. This fee does not include:

    • X-rays or MRI scans (or any other radiology diagnostic tests)

    • Blood tests or injections (Outpatient or In-Patient)

    • Physiotherapy or operations

** You can obtain details of radiology or physiotherapy costs directly from the relevant hospital

  • Should you require a surgical procedure, you will be provided with a detailed quote from the hospital which will cover the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetic fees prior to you having treatment.


  • We endeavour to help you utilise your medical insurance where possible but ask that prior to your initial appointment with us you thoroughly check the conditions of your policy with your insurer. 

  • We are recognised by all the major private insurance companies including BUPA, AVIVA, AXA PPP, Cigna, Vitality, Simply Health and WPA. Every policy is different and we are not party to either individual or corporate policy information. It is important to note that our contract to treat is with you, the patient, and regardless of medical health cover you remain responsible for the payment of fees. This is especially important in the event of any failure by your insurer to fully reimburse your treatment which results in a shortfall in payment.


  • Should a procedure be recommended,  clear details of procedure code would be provided, which will enable you to discuss reimbursement with your medical insurance company. The level of ‘cover’ may differ depending on the company and the type of policy you have.


  • Bank transfer

    • Berkshire Foot and Ankle Limited​

    • Sort code: 40-38-04

    • Account no.: 45085861


Please contact Tania Sandham

Please note: Proceeding any further with a private consultation or treatment is on the basis that you have read and understood the above. Our advice would be that you keep a clear record of any contact you have with your insurer noting the date, the names of staff you spoke to and any claim or authorisation numbers relevant to your consultation or treatment.

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