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Mr Mahadevan is an extremely likeable, efficient, thorough and in all ways professional surgeon. I underwent a major operation in his care but felt confident of his skills (which proved pretty remarkable). He has always been welcoming & patient with me if I've needed further advice - even when, to my ankle's detriment, I've danced too hard too soon!

Feb 2024

Such a kind man. Professional and caring. Waiting time was good, we tried everything before opting for surgery. A massive thank you. I actually walked along cliffs in France a couple of weeks ago- something I’ve dreamed of doing. 3 years of agony pre surgery. Best decision I made and the best consultant too.

Tibialis posterior tendon reconstruction - July 2023 

My procedure was not a straightforward ankle fusion. Mr Mahadevan kept me fully informed at all times both before and after the operation. My recovery was virtually pain free and was much quicker than anticipated. I now regret not having the operation earlier as I struggled to walk (with some pain) for about a year before I saw Mr Mahadevan.

Ankle fusion - June 2023

Mr Mahadevan was very professional and informative. We made a plan after my X-ray and I am so pleased with how I have healed after surgery. I have just gone back for my other foot and I am excited to see the outcome which I trust will be just as great! Looking forward to a lifetime of happy walking and no pain in the future. Thank you!

Bunion - April 2023


Mr Mahadevan put me at ease from the first time I met him for a consultation. He explained everything about my procedure, allowing time for questions. My post op care was equally as reassuring. He is a true professional and a lovely man.

Bunion - Sept 2022

Mr Mahadevan was extremely helpful. He took the time to explain the problem I was having with my ankle and helped me understand how I could help myself and avoid any surgery. We went through techniques that would improve the discomfort and referred me to his web site for specific exercises. I was really impressed with his knowledge, attitude and relaxed manner. He put me at ease, made me feel involved in my own treatment and left me feeling much more positive about the outcome. An excellent specialist with no ego! I couldn’t praise him highly enough and wish that there were more like him.

Achilles problem and heel spur - Aug 2022

After an initial examination Mr Mahadevan explained my problem simply and clearly. He also explained the options available and the possible consequences of each option. Having mutually agreed that an operation would be the best way forward for me he performed an arthroscopy of my ankle and I am very happy with the outcome. After the operation he clearly explained the detail of what had been done and what I may expect during my recovery. Throughout this process Mr Mahadevan conducted our interactions in a positive and friendly manner. I would certainly recommend Mr Mahadevan to anyone with ankle problems.

Anterior spurs and arthritis - Aug 2022


Mr Mahadevan was incredible when explaining the results to the issues I have been experiencing. Showing sound knowledge and being able to explain thoroughly every inch of what was wrong. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for fast and detailed answers to where and why you are experiencing pain.

Peroneal tendon pain - July 2022

Dev put me at ease, listened carefully, quickly diagnosed my problem, clearly explained the procedure (including videos) showing how proud he was of his work, and made me laugh. He also made me better!

Osteochondral lesion - July 2022


So easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and highly professional and reassuring. He is passionate about what he does.

Rugby injury - June 2022


Mr Mahadevan was very engaging and patient centred throughout my treatment. He kept me well informed about the symptoms and the possible range of options for treatment. Post operation we met to discuss my rehabilitation and he again suggested options such as physiotherapist and splints. Overall an excellent experience.

June 2022 - Osteophytes and arthritis

After suffering with the symptoms for over six months Dr. Mahadevan diagnosed and recommended a treatment that saw me completely symptom free within two weeks. What more could you ask ?

May 2022 - Plantar fasciitis


I have found Mr Mahadevan a pleasure to visit because he has a friendly, upbeat attitude which is reassuring to someone like myself with serious joint problems from Rh arthritis. He is clearly an expert in his field of foot and ankle surgery with a wealth of knowledge and experience. I very much appreciate the care and advice that Mr Mahadevan has given me. The bunion surgery that he carried out for me in 2019 went superbly well, healed without any problems and I am very pleased and grateful to report that the foot has given me no trouble since. A very recent visit to Mr Mahadevan involved him carrying out a soft tissue cyst drainage procedure which he made very straight forward and it had immediate good effect for which I am very relieved and grateful. Thank you Mr Mahadevan and your team for your superb care as always!

April 2022 - Ganglion

I was impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and efficiency of the whole procedure from diagnostics, assessments and treatment proposals

April 2022 - Synovitis and neuroma

Everything was fabulous- best care I've had in the two years I've been here (from the US)

April 2022 - Morton's neuroma

Mr Mahadevan’s is an excellent surgeon. He is clearly an expert in his field and is very reassuring. Both operations have been successful although it it very early days. I would be very happy to recommend Mr Mahadevan to anyone wishing to resolve a Morton’s neuroma.

Feb 2022 - Morton's neuroma

A brilliant consultant who took time to listen and make me feel heard. I felt Mr Mahadevan explored all possible causes and options and left me feeling reassured.

Feb 2022 - Foot drop

I found my treatment by Mr Mahadevan to be excellent. He is very approachable and explained all my options and we choose the least invasive one to start which worked on one foot. For the other foot I needed the Morton's neuroma to be removed and this was achieved quickly and with very little pain. I am pleased to say that both feet are almost fully recovered.

Feb 2022 - Morton's neuroma

Dev is a likeable man who makes you feel at ease straight away. He very quickly diagnosed my problem, and explained it all in terms I could easily understand. He listened carefully to everything I said, and also checked that I understood everything he said, which filled me with confidence. The surgery was trouble free, and appears to have alleviated most of my pain for which I'm very grateful.

Feb 2022 - Pain in left ankle after rolling over often

From my very first consultation with Mr Mahadevan it was clear to me that he is a thoroughly professional and, as you would expect, extremely knowledgeable. His warm and friendly manner meant I actually enjoyed my consultations. Mr Mahadevan made a speedy diagnosis and was able to resolve my problematic ankle very quickly. Thank you so much!

Jan 2022 - Achilles tendinopathy

Mr Mahadevon was amazing and changed my life. I first came to see him in a lot of pain unable to walk properly after trying a few treatments I had an operation performed by Dr Mahadevon. I am now pain-free and looking forward to getting running again. Couldn’t recommend Dr Mahadevon enough.

Jan 2022 - Morton's neuroma

Having seen quite a few consultants over the years, Mr Mahadevan is easily one of the nicest I have meet. Following an MRI, I left understanding exactly what was wrong, what I can do to manage it and what my options are if / when things get worse. Mr Mahadevan was just lovely - he explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, listened to and answered all my questions and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Jan 2022 - Arthritis

Great care and attention to detail, and clearly passionate about patient care and drive to get the best possible results. Would recommend to anyone looking for the best treatment available.

Jan 2022 - Arthroscopy, osteochondral fixation, syndesmosis stabilisation, lateral ligament reconstruction 

I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Mahadevan; I have been very impressed with the care I have received from him and his team. From pre-op to aftercare I have felt well informed and confident in the treatment I was having. The surgery and treatment has meant I can look forward to more years of activity, now pain free.

Jan 2022 - Haglund deformity

- 2021 - 

I took to Mr Mahadevan on first contact. He explained to me all aspects of the procedure that I was contemplating and presented all options in a frank and honest way. I needed a strong advocate for the procedure suggested and he did not waiver at any stage in assuring me that ankle fusion was the right choice. In this he presented irrefutable evidence that, after some months, matters would turn out well. He was so correct in his judgement. Once decided the procedure was carried out with all appropriate feedback and reassurance throughout. The recovery period was a hard and rocky road of three months plaster cast but I was well prepared for what to expect. Monitoring visits and three plaster changes were carried out by him personally and this unusual (in my experience) and welcome involvement provided every opportunity to discuss progress and any concerns. It has now been seven months and I am totally recovered and able to do so much more than I could previously. This means 20 Km road bike, 40 minutes of Pilates, and 3km dog walk each and every fay. 18 holes of golf are a breeze. In conclusion, this is all down to Mr Mahadevan’s expertise. I am so grateful to him and all of his staff for what they have done for me.

Dec 2021 - Arthritic ankle at stage 4

Thank so much Dr Mahadevan, my foot is better than it has been in years and I could not be happier with the result. This has changed every day for me where I have no aches or pains whatsever. Thank you again!

Nov 2021 - Secondary ossification centre

We very much appreciate all the care and advice that we received from Mr Mahadevan. We consider ourselves very lucky to have seen this excellent specialist. As soon as he saw my daughter who had a serious foot injury, he took a keen interest and was completely committed to getting her back literally on her feet. He is not only well qualified and clearly very good at what he does, but he has that innate interest and is just so good at getting through to teenagers - significantly in terms of advice on how much sport she could anticipate doing throughout the recovery journey (starting from nothing due to the extent of the foot injury) and when to slow down to ensure a good recovery. His positive attitude and practical advice was invaluable. This ability to listen and offer sound advice is a great soft skill that not all first rate surgeons have so we are very grateful and also consider ourselves lucky to have been allocated this consultant.

Nov 2021 - Bone bruising and ankle injury

Mr Mahadevan is firstly a great person and secondly a great consultant. Like everyone in medicine, he is busy but he always treats you as though you’re his only patient. He shows respect for his patients and inspires confidence without being arrogant in the slightest. I value his honesty and the way he speaks in terms the lay person will understand. This helps build trust and an environment of positivity.

Nov 2021 

I would not hesitate to recommend him. Full stop.

Nov 2021 - Bunion

He came highly recommended and I was not remotely disappointed

Oct 2021 - Foot pain


Really excellent from initial contact through operation and aftercare. Both Mr Mahadevan and his staff provided first class care.

Oct 2021 - Morton's neuroma

Mr Mahadevan is an excellent consultant who immediately diagnosed my problem and provided the resolution. He made the whole process an enjoyable experience thanks to his professionalism and personal engagement throughout. Thank you Dev.

Oct 2021 - Zadek osteotomy

Mr Mahadevan is an amazing foot surgeon who sorted out an extremely complex issue. I highly recommend him and he gave me outstanding care. Excellent in manner and brilliant surgeon

Oct 2021 - MTPJ fusion

I always find Mr Mahadevan kind, easy to talk to, approachable, considerate in mutual, clinical decisions regarding management of a patient's condition. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Mahadevan.

Oct 2021 - Tendinopathy

Mr Mahadevan was very precise in identifying the cause of the long lasting symptoms of my sprain and recommending both the most appropriate diagnosis and recovery plan. I am very satisfied with the result of my treatment.

Oct 2021 - Sprained ankle

I really appreciated my appointment with Mr Mahadevan. He gave me lots of time, explained everything and was really kind and friendly. I’d highly recommend him!

Sept 2021 - Tendinopathy

Dr. Mahadevan is a great doctor and freed me from a long time pain. He kept me calm during all the treatment and made everything sound easy. Thank you for being calm, kind and a great professional!

Sept 2021 - Morton's neuroma


Mr Mahadevan is an outstanding knowledgeable professional in his field, he made my daughter feel at ease and calm in preparing her for her surgery. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others in need of foot surgery.

Aug 2021 - Bunionette

Very thoughtful. Felt I was listened too. I felt I was included in decision making about diagnostics and future planning.

Aug 2021 - Bursitis

Mr Mahadevan was personable and approachable but informative and showing his expertise in his chosen foot surgery field. It is four months after my operation and my foot has healed really well and I can now enjoy wearing strappy sandals again - no more unsightly toe or bunion!

June 2021 - Cross-over toe and bunion

Dr Mahadevan is very professional and knowledgable. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease about my condition as well as the recommended treatment options. He carried out an aspiration of my cyst and although it didn’t solve the problem (as he predicted), I look forward to seeing him again to undergo surgery which was originally proposed.

June 2021 - Cyst on foot

Outstanding surgeon who fills you with confidence with his calm and professional nature from the very beginning. Having had this surgery before from another hospital that failed I was apprehensive but have to say the whole experience was amazing.

June 2021 - Broken foot

Incredibly knowledgeable and explained the injury and surgery that was required brilliantly. Put me at ease from the get go and I could not be happier with the outcome.

May 2021 - Pain at base of big toe - Cheilectomy required

Once he had X-ray and MRI results, Mr Mahadevan explained to me the issues they showed in a very friendly straightforward easy to understand way, and drew little diagrams to demonstrate. I was grateful for his kindness and reassurance, and particularly impressed by his readiness to "sign me off", no pressure for treatment, surgery, steroid injections - a 'leave well alone if not strictly necessary' professional approach. But - with the offer to get back to him if things longer term don't settle, for targeted steroid injections. Very glad to have sought his experience and advice.

May 2021 - Pain along arch sides feet, found to be due to joint deterioration

Mr Mahadevan is one of the most personable consultants I have ever met. He was so patient, knowledgeable, thorough, but more importantly, he was able to communicate technical information about my ankle in layman's terms. When I left the appointment, I felt that I really understood what was going on in my ankle. His advice was excellent and I have every confidence that by adhering to it, I will have less pain and more movement. Although my days of competitive sport are behind me, it was great to talk to someone with experience and understanding of it. At no point did I feel rushed and I felt that I could ask him any question without feeling in awe of the science! I cannot recommend him enough.

May 2021 - Ankle osteochondral defect

Excellent communicator, clearly a great understanding of his specialist subject.

May 2021 - Bone spur

I’ve found Mr Mahadevan extremely knowledgeable in his profession. I’ve been met with nothing but excellent medical advice, kindness and care, before and after my operation.

April 2021 - Arthritis

Knowledgeable, friendly, professional, reassuring.

April 2021 - Arthritis

I have seen a number of medical consultants over the years and I found Mr Mahadevan by far the easiest to deal with. He was extremely approachable. He took the time to answer all my questions and concerns and this gave me the confidence to have the operation.

April 2021 - Morton's neuroma

Mr Mahadevan was an excellent surgeon, he explained everything throughout each stage and has an excellent bedside manner.

Mar 2021 - Ligament reconstruction

I have no hesitation in recommending Mr Mahadevan. He is an excellent surgeon and takes the time to explore various options with you. He is very courteous, knowledgable, puts your mind at ease and answers all your questions in a way you can understand. Very professional service throughout.

Mar 2021 - Achilles tendinopathy

Mr Mahadevan was extremely professional. From my first appointment on meeting him he was very polite put me at ease. Explained to me what my problem was and the treatment he suggested was arranged by the secretary extremely quickly considering the very difficult times with the Coronavirus. Overall Mr Mahadevan is top in his field and a really I would recommend him. Very nice man and will go out of his way to help and advise you.

Mar 2021

Mr Mahadevan is very clear in his explanations. Extremely expert in his field. I trusted his judgement, delivered in a highly professional manner, with a good sense of humour, making you feel less anxious, and more confident moving forwards.

Feb 2021 - Tendinopathy

I would advise anyone who has a foot injury to contact Mr Mahadevan he not only cures your issues, but also takes a keen interest in your recovery.

Feb 2021 - Bunion & arthritis 

Mr Mahadevan had read my notes, he listened to me give further explanation at the first consultation and was keen to avoid aggressive intervention if it was not needed. He then offered a path for rehabilitation - which has worked. Would highly recommend a consultation if you are experiencing similar issues.

Feb 2021 - Achilles tendon problem


Mr M took the time to listen and then advise. Such a great quality, truly appreciated it. He was knowledgable and I felt safe in trusting his judgement.

Feb 2021 - Ankle injury

I found Mr Mahadevan to be knowledgeable, warm, friendly and professional. I am very happy with the surgery he performed on my foot, including the diagnosis, pre and post operative care. I would highly recommend him.

 Jan 2021 - Morton's neuroma

Mr Mahadevan made you feel at ease and explained everything very clearly. You felt he gave you time and listened to what you had to say. Would recommend him highly

Jan 2021

- 2020 -

I felt confident that Mr Mahadevan completely understood the problems I was having with my feet. The treatment proposed was agreed and carried out very quickly with no problems. I would recommend Mr Mahadevan for foot and ankle surgery happily to anyone.

Dec 2020

I could not recommend Mr Mahadevan more highly. I was first referred to Mr Mahadevan under the NHS at Royal Berkshire Hospital as a specialist ankle consultant when my fractured ankle did not initially heal. He was the only doctor I had come into contact thus far who I felt had given me his full attention as well as being extremely keen to discuss all queries and questions I had, giving me knowledge and confidence about my injury and recovery prospects. Together we discussed my options with regards to treating my ankle and I felt extremely confident when the decision was made (jointly) to operate.......

Dec 2020

A charming helpful man who goes out of his way to help you. Very professional

Dec 2020

The whole experience of being treated by Mr Mahadevan has been outstanding. I was recommended by my orthotist to see Mr Mahadevan after seeing several other professionals with my Tibialis Posterior tendon difficulties. He instantly put me at ease with clear explanations of my options and giving me realistic expectations as to the recovery process. The whole process from the initial consultation, the surgery and the final consultation was superb and not only did I have a very positive outcome but felt very well looked after and valued throughout the process. I cannot thank Mr Mahadevan and his practice manager enough for their support throughout.

Oct 2020

In the moment of meeting Mr Mahadevan I was out at ease. His knowledge, professionalism and ease to talk to was second to none. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Oct 2020


Mr Mahadevan is a very kind and considerate doctor who I could not fault in any way. My overall care was excellent. All aspects of my experience from diagnosis to treatment to post treatment were excellent and of the highest standards.

Oct 2020

Mr Mahadevan was immediately engaging on first consultation. He knew exactly what to look for and the treatment required. The operation went very well with no side effects/ problems. The 5" scar left has practically disappeared. He is highly professional and I certainly would recommend him to anyone requiring treatment. Post operative consultation was very easy and I have full confidence in the work he has completed.

Sept 2020

I found Mr Mahadevan to be very charming. He has an easy friendly manner while maintaining a professional relationship. Mr Mahadevan explained everything in a way which was simple to understand and he explained the procedure at every step of the way. I would use Mr Mahadevan for future surgery and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for foot and ankle surgery

Aug 2020

Very professional and reassuring. Makes you feel relaxed and you just know you are in good hands

Aug 2020

Mr Mahadevan was clearly knowledgable and was genuinely interested in the best outcome for me rather than undertaking surgery prematurely

Aug 2020

Dev has a very charming and welcoming manner that helps you ease into each appointment. He's informal but professional and very courteous indeed. His knowledge is clearly extensive and he comes across as a genuine person who wants to help you get better

June 2020

Mr Mahadevan is an excellent surgeon/doctor, he explained my options when I had my initial consultation, my operation went very well and he was also outstanding. I can't fault him.

April 2020

Mr Mahadevan was a real gentleman dealing with my foot issue . He was very thorough with an examination of my foot and swift to review my MRI . Offered sensible and reassuring advice . Would recommend to others 100%

Mar 2020

Mr Mahadevan was approachable without judgement. He listened while I was talking and was thorough in his examination. He wanted me to get back to where I was with realistic goals and time frames. Very polite and professional. Straight talking with a great human touch.

Mar 2020

I have found Mr Mahadevan first class. Explaining the issues in a manner that is easy to follow and understand. The advice and direction / options available were clearly outlined. It is always a comfort and reassurance to deal with someone that does not only understand and deal with medical issues but also understands the person in front of them and how injuries affect them and to assist in all the necessary measures and rehabilitation. This is fantastic as it also give you as a patient the confidence in any injury that has been treated and also to notice symptoms and also to understand the rehab and why it is necessary.

Jan 2020

I found Mr Mahadevan to be extremely professional, friendly and approachable. I felt comfortable asking questions and he explained to me the details of the surgery to be undertaken in a clear manner. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Nov 2019

Mr Mahadevan was approachable and explained treatment options in a way I could understand. I really appreciated the multidisciplinary approach to my care, I think that this contributed to the positive outcome for my surgery.

Nov 2019

A very open and helpful consultant who immediately put me at ease and provided me with excellent care throughout my experience. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.

Nov 2019

Mr Mahadevan is a very specialized consultant in foot and ankle ( my ankle was my concern). He is very knowledgeable and he easily have found which problem do I have in my tendom. He is very approachable at the same time and he gave me a very good explanation

Oct 2019

I rate both his clinical and interpersonal skills very highly.

Oct 2019

Very professional, courteous and approachable. Highly recommend

Oct 2019

Excellent consultant. Very professional and understanding. Wants to help you get better.

Oct 2019

I was very impressed with my experience of consultation and follow up with Mr Mahadevan. He was personable, and gave clear explanations / recommendations regarding next steps and treatment.

Sept 2019

Mr Mahadevan has performed a very successful operation on what was apparently quite a bad fracture of my leg bones at the ankle. He took an unconventional approach addressing the problem from the back of the leg. I am very happy with the outcome and to have landed in his care.

Sept 2019

Great doctor would highly recommend

Aug 2019

I found Mr Mahadevan very approachable. He explained my procedure carefully and answered all my questions fully. I was pleased with my quick and virtually painless recovery and a very pleased with the result of my op. Mr Mahadevan has a gentle and reassuring manner which is very helpful if you are a nervous patient!

Aug 2019

Mr Mahadevan is extremely professional and committed to getting the best results/outcomes for his patients. He explained every step of the process clearly, was always available to help with any concerns you might have. Therefore, I was fully prepared for what happened at each stage. His sense of humour helped especially at moments of concern. Great surgeon whom I would highly recommend.

Aug 2019

Dev listened to my symptoms and arranged for an x-ray there and then. He gave me three possible causes, which we discussed and we agreed on the best way forward. I was impressed with his subject knowledge and his confidence in the best action to take. the procedure itself was quick and painless, with excellent follow up appointments too. he also gave sound advice and tips which I'm still using today.

Jul 2019

Mr Mahadevan is extremely professional, friendly and competent and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Jul 2019

A friendly, confident, knowledgeable consultant with a refreshingly flexible and accommodating attitude.

Jul 2019

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