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Mr Mahadevan believes in a holistic approach to patient diagnosis. A detailed history of your symptoms and accurate clinical assessment will help formulate your diagnosis.


If indicated you will be referred for state of the art medical imaging including X-rays, ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. Your imaging will be performed, interpreted and reported by expert Consultant Radiologists who work closely with Mr Mahadevan.


Non-surgical treatment

A significant proportion of foot and ankle conditions can be treated or managed successfully through a combination of non-surgical treatment to improve your health and comfort. Mr Mahadevan works closely with a network of highly skilled physiotherapists around Berkshire and an expert orthotist. They would be delighted to take you through effective exercises, taping, splints and insoles when indicated.

Surgical treatment

Should you require surgery, you will be guided through your surgical journey. Your surgical treatment will be tailored to your individual needs. Mr Mahadevan deals with all aspects of foot and ankle surgery from minor foot surgery, sports injuries to complex joint reconstructions.

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